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May 17, 2022

Circle BMW’s Dedication to Excellence is Acknowledged in Reviews

A dealership’s marketing and operational rigor, and sometimes lack of rigor, is readily apparent when perusing online consumer reviews. Even more, online reviews continue to gain importance in the dealership decision-making process for car buyers and owners. 

For Circle BMW, the focus on the customer experience when shopping, buying and servicing a car is confirmed and celebrated in their online reviews. So much so that Circle BMW has earned the DealerRater distinction of BMW New Jersey Dealer of the Year two years in a row! 

2022 & 20221 Dealer of the Year - BMW New Jersey

How Circle BMW Wins in Online Reviews

First, it should be acknowledged that online reviews offer candid perspectives of the consumer dealership experience, so clearly Circle BMW runs a stellar operation focused on excellence in helping customers. Circle BMW leverages those stellar experiences by actively asking consumers for reviews on DealerRater, Google and Facebook.

In using Friendemic’s Catalyst Reputation software, an automated review goes out to each sales and service customer after a sale has been recorded in Circle BMW’s DMS:

Catalyst Reputation Example

Over 8% of customers leave a review, and the star ratings are near-perfect:

Dealerrater circle bmw reviews Circle BWM GBP


Friendemic’s Feedback Tool Helps Address Any Problems

While striving for perfection, occasionally a customer’s expectations are not met. Using Friendemic’s Catalyst Reputation software, key personnel at Circle BMW are alerted when:

  1. Consumers respond to the review invitation stating they would not recommend Circle BMW and provide specific feedback 
  2. A one or two star review is left on any of the seven* automotive review platforms

These alerts help Circle BMW both address specific consumer feedback and monitor their processes in near real time. 

If your dealership’s online reviews don’t match the experience your team delivers, Friendemic can help. 

Circle BMW quote

Circle BMW Outperforms BMW Dealerships Nationwide

Not only is Circle BMW recognized as a leader in New Jersey, but when compared to national benchmarks, their ratings stand above other BMW dealers!

Q4 2021 Star Ratings

*Includes Google, Facebook, DealerRater,, CarGurus, Carfax and Yelp. 

National benchmarks were calculated by averaging 360 Google Business Profiles and 273 DealerRater review pages across BMW dealerships in the U.S.




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