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Become Your Town’s #1 Collision Center

Whether your customers are looking for a new paint job or urgently need to repair their means of transportation due to an accident, ensure your Collision Center is the first one that appears as they start their local search for professional automotive help.

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Wish your Collision Center could hire an extra employee to solely focus on your online reputation? Look no further!

Let Friendemic be that staff member and do the heavy lifting 24 hours a day 7 days a week for you.

GBP Is The New SEO Starter Pack With a strong Google Business Profile (GBP) comes strong local SEO. Let us help you optimize your profile by adding reviews, posts, photos and listing information and you will likely show up in more local searches. Even more, a strong GBP can help you appear on more discovery searches, which are those golden searches that gain you new customers.
Build Trust While Establishing Your Brand Potential customers (and insurance companies) will be more willing to connect with you when they see that others have had positive experiences. Your word will go further with a strong online presence, and Friendemic can help you with both Real Time Review Invitations as well as Automatic Review Invitations for all of your customers. 
Every Review Deserves A Response Whether the review is positive or negative its best practice to respond to it within 24 hours. However, across the multitude of channels consumers can now connect with you on we understand challenges you face keeping up with demands of modern day digital client.
Curate and Capture Content Easily Pictures are worth a thousand words, and for social channels, they are also worth a thousand searches, likes and shares. Visually sharing your collision centers work is essential for today’s consumer who is likely to first engage with you online.

Check Off All Your Collision Center Needs

Nested Google Business Profile for Your Collision Center
Consumer Reviews for Your Collision Center
Improved Online Ratings
Mobile and Desktop App for Real-Time Invitations at Check Out
Data Integration To Automate Invitations To Customers Who Did Not Receive a RTI
Capture Private Feedback & Receive Negative Feedback and Review Alerts
Post Content Across Your Google Business Profile as well as Facebook and Instagram

Products To Support Your Online Reputation

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Catalyst Connector

Given Google's dominance in reviews for dealerships, let us help power the most impactful Google Business Profiles for you. 

Optimize Your Dealership's GBP
Catalyst Reputation

Review generation and management software built exclusively for automotive and powersports dealers. Real Time Invites, DMS integration and review parsing for sales and service are just a few of the key features. 

Grow Review Count
Platform Management Services
Platform Management Services

Allow our team of experts to respond to all of your reviews, on behalf of your dealership. We have a sophisticated knowledge base and tools for approval routing, and respond within 24 hours.

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Catalyst Photo Brighten up your online presence with Catalyst Photo. Say goodbye to boring profiles and hello to an elevated online experience. Become A Posting Machine

Drive Your Online Presence

Are you ready to grow your online reputation, enhance customer relationships and improve your ratings? Connect with us to accelerate your customer engagement today.

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