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March 16, 2017

Catalyst Mobile App Increases One Dealer’s Reviews by 400%

Landers CDJ, a dealership located in Benton, Arkansas was looking for a way to get more online reviews to better reflect their top-notch customer service. They began using one of Friendemic’s newest reputation tools, the Catalyst mobile app, in hopes of increasing their overall review count and star ratings. The following data was gathered after using the app for just three weeks!

400% increase in 5-star reviews Landers CDJ received 13 new 5-star reviews on Google+, and 10 new 5-star reviews on Facebook.

Catalyst also allows you to easily collect local content directly from your customers by letting you take pictures, videos, or even video + audio testimonials. Using features like this, Landers saw 14x more engagement for the month of February than the previous month when they weren’t using the app. Needless to say, the results from using Catalyst were immediate and accomplished exactly what Landers CDJ was hoping to accomplish.

UPDATE: These results were achieved with our product now known as Reputation Accelerator.

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