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Come Grow With Friendemic!

We think about brands like Porsche and Can-Am all day. We enjoy helping other people: consumers, clients, and teammates. We like data and make decisions by the numbers. And the results? Strong growth over a decade, providing ever-evolving opportunities for our team. See our current open positions below.

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The Friendemic Way of Work

If you’re looking for a steady, thoughtless, follow-the-procedure job, look somewhere else. We have a passion for problem-solving and for trying new things; we move forward in the face of ambiguity; we may not be perfect, but we insist on getting better every day.

You can view all of Friendemic's current open positions here.  

The management is great. They have wonderful company engagement, the peer-to-peer / Manager to employee collaboration is amazing. I absolutely love working for the company. They live by their core values and it shows in day-to-day interactions.

Jessica Wilkie | Chat Team Manager

I have been working at Friendemic since 2017. I love the relationships I have built not only with my co-workers (friends for life!), but also the clients I work closely with every day. I feel strongly that the products and services we provide for our clients give them a leg up on their competitors and I love celebrating my clients' wins with them!

Emilie Becker | Senior Client Experience Manager

It is a joy working for Friendemic! It’s inclusive, great work-life balance, phenomenal culture, wonderful co-workers and caring/insightful leaders. Superb business and workplace. I’d recommend Friendemic to anyone!

Dan Elliot | Client Experience Manager

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Work that Actually Matters

We don’t want to work on vaporware or relationship-only business. Our customers can truly see the Friendemic difference in their bottom lines, and they love our software and services. Check out our 4.9 star rating on Google from nearly 100 clients. See Our Google Reviews

Why Work at Friendemic?

We can’t wait to tell you more about the job in an interview. In addition to competitive salary and benefits, here’s a few more reasons to work with us.

Tremendous Flexibility As long as you get your work done and are available for calls/meetings during your regular hours, we give you huge flexibility in scheduling your day.
Extra Benefits Yes, we offer health insurance and a 2% 401k match. But we also offer Pet Insurance and provide a $50/mo reimbursement for home internet or cell phone use.
Work From Home

Our company works 100% remote. No time-wasting commute, and no daily dress code. Get more time with your pets or kids. Save on gas/vehicle costs.

Fun Brands, Fun Work If you like talking about cars and powersports, this is the place for you. Spend your days at Friendemic speaking with dealerships and helping consumers find the right car or recreational vehicle.

We’d Like to Hear from You

Whether you are interested in learning more about Friendemic or are interested in working with us, contact us below.

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