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The best source of marketing content is your own front-line employees. Your team wants to help manage your social media content, and they are in the best position to capture local, organic images of your dealership, vehicles, and customers. Catalyst Photo makes this process easy, trackable, and fun. Catalyst Photo is also the perfect solution for regularly updating your Google Business Profile photos.

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Transfer photos to the cloud

Easily collect photos

Source authentic photos from your dealership easily; no emailed attachments, no Dropbox folders, and no photos stored on employee devices. Employees simply take photos in the Catalyst mobile app, and everything syncs online for storage, approvals, and tracking.

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Professionally manage photos

View all incoming content from your team and ensure OEM compliance, customer name/likeness usage approval, and adherence to any other policies or guidelines. Prevent dealership content from being stored on employee’s personal devices.

"Having great photos is like making a great first impression and having them showcased on Google is the ultimate way to start the relationship off on the right foot. Similarly, visually showing all that we offer at Heritage Toyota can certainly help us stand out as car owners evaluate all of their options on Google."

Ross Mickel | Website Coordinator, Heritage Toyota

Catalyst Photo Top Features

Customer Permissions & Testimonials Employees must verify in the app that they have followed procedure in obtaining permission to use the customer photos in marketing. You can also hand your device to a customer to have them type a testimonial to go along with their photo.
Titles and Descriptions Employees can type details about any photos so you can easily craft posts without back-and-forth
Leaderboards See all employee activity, and easily monitor and gamify the collection of great photos.
Save and Edit Drafts Come back later to finish writing a description, or add more photos to a single submission for an album.

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Give your dealership personnel the tools to capture your local brand, offerings and customer testimonials. Contact Friendemic today to learn how to create more engaging social content.

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