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Stop Overpaying for Under-Performing Ads

Don't pay to reach everyone on Facebook, spend less and reach only the in-market shoppers looking to buy a vehicle. Using Oracle+Polk data combined with dynamic inventory ads can reduce your ad spend and improve your results

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Using Oracle and Polk data allows you to target very specific audiences for sales and service

Polk data lets you target consumers in-market to buy by make, model and style as well as reaching consumers based on their current vehicle ownership or past purchases.  Oracle data lets you target consumers based on their demographics, lifestyle, financial, and spending habits.

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Using Dynamic Inventory ads shows car shoppers vehicles similar to what they have been searching for online

Friendemic will provide an inventory feed for running automotive catalog ads on Facebook. Combined with Facebook’s Pixel you are able to re-target your website visitors based on the recent searches…or based on their other searches online.

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"The Oracle data is crazy. There is everything in there and makes it possible to find the hungry audience. Also, our cost per click is below the average on almost every campaign we’ve run so far. The whole product is awesome! The catalogs are great. It makes it very easy to run multiple campaigns for different kinds of cars, and do it very specifically."

Blake D | Bravo Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Data to Power your Facebook Ads Access to 1,200 data points including vehicle ownership, credit rating, income and more. Targeting specific audiences with targeting ads improves your CPC and conversions.
Feeds to Dynamically Create Inventory Ads Inventory feeds are updated daily to create compelling VIN specific adss. Inventory can also be posted to your Facebook page for additional reach.
A Facebook Retargeting Pixel is Included Retargeting consumers who were on your website with personal ads drives conversion and keeps you in their consideration set for both sales and service needs.
Plus, Google Cars for Sale Integration Friendemic will post your inventory to your GBP page under the Cars for Sale section, with daily updates to the inventory feed so consumers can see what’s on your lot without going to your website

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