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June 20, 2018

Case Study: 211% Increase in Positive Reviews

One Ford dealership in Southern California used emails to send review invites to customers but didn’t see the results they needed. This dealership teamed up with Friendemic to find a better solution for receiving more positive reviews from customers. After using Friendemic’s Reputation Accelerator product for three months, the following data was obtained.


Cumulative review data

In just three months this Ford dealership received almost double the number of positive reviews and an increased rating.

Dealership review data

After just three months of using Reputation Accelerator, this Ford dealership saw an increase of 211% in positive reviews (190 positive reviews), and had an increased rating of .15 to a score of 4.48! It’s clear that using Friendemic’s Reputation Accelerator tool for your dealership will increase your positive reviews, which in turn improves your online reputation. Schedule a demo and try Reputation Accelerator today!


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