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May 6, 2019

Five Times More Reviews Received Using Reputation Accelerator!

This Honda dealership was receiving approximately 50 reviews per month on their review platforms. In an effort to increase their total positive review count, they signed up for Friendemic’s Reputation Accelerator product. The dealership trained their staff to use it and began regularly sending review invitations to their customers. Within the first month of use, this dealership saw the following improved metrics:



in just one month.


per Google review on average.


per month using Reputation Accelerator.


negative reviews prevented.




Out of the total number of feedback surveys this dealership received, 18 customers had a negative experience. Instead of leaving a negative public review, the customers utilized the internal feedback form included in Reputation Accelerator. This allowed the dealership a chance to resolve the issues before a negative review was left publicly.


By simply using Reputation Accelerator to send reviews to nearly every customer, this Honda Dealership’s new reviews improved from an average score of  4.2 to  4.8. This dealership saw five times more reviews for the month of April than the previous month when they weren’t using Reputation Accelerator. The results from sending review invitations were immediate and met this Honda dealership’s goals exactly.




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