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Friendemic’s Agency Partner Program

Friendemic offers several types of partner programs to make our Catalyst Suite available to their clients. There are options to white label both our software and services, or agencies and consultants can become resellers for Friendemic products.

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Reputation Management provides a base for a successful digital marketing strategy.

Especially for agencies who manage SEO for their clients, a strong reputation on Google is critical to increasing search results for a Google Business Profile. On a GBP page, the average review score, review count, recency of reviews and the review response rate all factor into Google’s valuation of that GBP page.  Friendemic sees a strong correlation between improving Reputation on GBP pages and direct increases in Searches and corresponding consumer actions (phone calls, web clicks and directions requests).

Friendemic can customize your agency package with the Catalyst Suite products, to fill in any gaps in your digital marketing offerings

Friendemic can make all of the Catalyst products available to your clients in addition to service like Review Response Service, or GBP optimization and management

Both Sales and Service GBP pages need good reviews to succeed Catalyst Reputation can improve the review scores on BOTH a main GBP page as well as Service, Parts, or Collision departmental pages.
Responding to every review quickly is important

Unlimited Response Service ensures reviews on the top 7 automotive review sites all receive a personal response within 24 hours…including weekends and holidays!

Customer Photos and Videos make great social content

Catalyst Photo and Catalyst Video make it easy for dealers to capture customer testimonials for your agency to use on their website and in social posting.

Use Catalyst Suite software to differentiate your agency

Most agencies don’t have their own in-house reputation software. Having an industry-leading reputation solution built into your proposals can make you stand out and win more deals.

Friendemic Partners

20 White label and reseller partners
105 Rooftops from partners
$ 250000 In partnership payouts a year

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