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Platform Management Services

Got your hands full? No problem! While our software platforms are designed to be 100% DIY, Friendemic offers a variety of options for our team to supplement or even fully manage your Catalyst Suite capabilities on your behalf. Our experts respond to thousands and thousands of online reviews and chats each month, verify OEM compliance on content, and schedule social media posts your team submits.

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Responding to Customers Online

The internet never sleeps, but you probably do. The Friendemic team can help! Our team can manage Catalyst on your behalf to manage responses to online reviews, comments on social media, and incoming web chats. We can supplement your team’s work, responding only in certain scenarios (e.g. only reviews unresponded after 24 hours), or fully manage all responses.

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Catalyst Photo and Publishing Support

Your customers want to hear from YOU, not a marketing agency. But we can still help. While our team does not create content, we can collect photos submitted in Catalyst, verify compliance with applicable branding rules, and schedule them for posting on your social media sites. If you like, we can even post content provided to us directly by OEMs.

Centralized Customer Responses You want a consistent voice online. Why train, oversee and pay different providers to manage website chat, social media, and online reviews, when Friendemic can take care of it all for you?
Excellent Coordination Want to handle customer chats yourself, and just have Friendemic be a backup if you don’t get to them within a minute? Want to handle Yelp and Google review responses, but let Friendemic do the rest? We can work around your needs and support your use of Catalyst in many different ways.
Guaranteed Compliance Lots of employees want to get involved in your social media. They are creative and eager and can produce some great content right from the frontlines in real-time! They also probably don’t know all the rules around public advertising that your OEM, your corporate marketing department, or even the FTC might impose. We do. Friendemic can review all your Catalyst Photo submissions and handle scheduling the posts, so your team can just click-click-click that photo button and watch your social feeds fill with their content.
Massive Time and Money Savings Your dealership exists because it is fantastic at selling and repairing vehicles. Spend your time on where you are an expert, and let Friendemic sweat these details. Platform Management Services are often supported by OEM co-op dollars or other incentives!

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