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Grow Consumer Connections With Personalized Videos

In this day and age, no one wants to do business with a robot. Set your sales and service personnel up for success with easy-to-use, 1:1 video solutions. Customer connections will be stronger and more transparent than ever before.

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Personalize and Deepen Your Customer Relationships

1:1 video solutions differentiate your dealership by allowing employees to record and share videos almost instantly. Send high-definition videos to your customers on a clean and professional page with your dealership’s contact information displayed.

Stronger Relationships With 1:1 video, your customers will feel like they are right there with you in person exploring your products. They can put a face to your name, and as a result, your relationships with be stronger.
Lead Conversion Entice prospects with personalized videos of vehicles they are interested in to get them into the dealership. Clients using Catalyst Video have seen up to a 30% increase in converting internet leads to in-store appointments.
Your customers will get a genuine taste of your dealership's personality with 1:1 video. Text with no tone indicators and plain language is a thing of the past. Liven up your brand with 1:1 video.
When customers are able to get to know you as a person — not just a chat bot — they're more likely to find you reliable and trustworthy. Make the first step in establishing your brand's credibility with 1:1 video.

Why Should You Use A 1:1 Video Solution?

Stronger Customer Relationships
Faster Communication
Increased Brand Personalization
Higher Likelihood of Positive Reviews
Easier Access to Video Recording Tools
Catalyst Video Landing Page Example

Unlock unlimited

1:1 video solutions offer both unlimited videos and unlimited users. Need to make a video on the fly for a potential customer? Don’t worry about stretching your budget to accommodate. Access the most efficient solution with Friendemic and record what you need, when you need it — no barriers included.

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