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Catalyst Video

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. In today’s remote-accustomed world, consumers want to see before they travel to your dealership. Catalyst Video makes it simple for all of your staff to capture and send videos of all types to consumers, from introducing yourself to a prospect, to vehicle walkarounds, to showing completed repairs, and more. Includes unlimited users and unlimited videos.

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Personal Videos Build Rapport with Buyers

When walkaround videos are sent as a first response to a lead and used to communicate with today’s digital shopper, dealers see higher show rates and increased sales conversions. Our mobile and desktop apps make video creation easy for your teams.

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Personal Videos Grow Loyalty with Owners

Car owners have many options when deciding where to get their cars serviced. Using Catalyst Videos to show needed repairs and provide updates will grow lifetime relationships with your customers.

"As a result of the videos, I’m able to separate myself from others by providing a more personal connection. Catalyst Video has also been absolutely critical for my out of state shoppers in providing a true representation of the vehicle's features, as well as any cosmetic issues that it may contain. As a result, I feel that it’s helped tremendously in further expanding our pre-owned sales in different states, such as California, Washington, Montana, New York, and even Florida."

Catalyst Video User | Porsche Brand Ambassador

"We have all the features a dealership needs to create and send personalized videos, and our product is among the best priced with unlimited videos and unlimited users."

Ali Muhammed | Friendemic Developer

Catalyst Video Top Features

Video Landing Page Consumers view personalized videos on a custom landing page that is branded for your dealership. The page also includes links to your contact information and key pages on your website.
Secure System 100% cloud-based. Employees can send videos without ever putting customer information on their personal devices. Videos are also saved in the cloud, where they can be easily downloaded, re-used, edited, or shared again.
CRM Connection Automatically push any video email shares to your dealership CRM via settings you can control for each user at your dealership. There’s no need to worry about videos being shared outside your CRM records.
Desktop Recording You can record yourself on the mobile app via two-way camera. But you can also record a screen share in the browser version to walk a customer or prospect through something on your website. Great for the BDC.

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