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August 26, 2021

Make the most of your Google My Business listings

Google My Business (GMB) listings are an incredible tool for automotive dealerships to seamlessly answer the most common questions related to your dealership directly within the Google search results page.

  • Website – check.
  • Phone number – check.
  • Address – check.
  • Hours of operation – check.

With the relatively recent ability to feature products right on the GMB listing, dealerships have also begun to feature the models that they offer (as seen below). Displaying the models sold by the dealership is a great use of GMB listings, but once a shopper clicks on a model, the question becomes where on the website should the dealer land that traffic? Most dealerships land that shopper on a sorted inventory search results page (SRP). A shopper clicks on a Ford Equinox product listing and they redirect to an SRP that is pre-filtered to show available Equinox vehicles.

Google Cars For Sale

But is that ideal? Just because a customer is generally interested in a specific model does not mean that they are ready to pick out a specific vehicle. They may want more information on model features or may be interested in available finance and lease options. Maybe they are comparing it to similar models from other brands.

Rather than landing a customer right in the thick of the inventory, a higher-converting strategy is to create a model-specific page on the website that provides in-depth information on the model itself and provides clear click-paths to the information in which they may be most interested. A good model page should include the following information and click-paths at a minimum:

  • In-depth, OEM-quality information and pictures for that specific model
  • Access to financing and leasing options and special offers
  • Access to a credit application
  • An option to view the dealership’s available inventory for that model

Give shoppers the ability to choose their own adventure, rather than dropping them on an SRP page to view inventory that they may not be ready for. Land traffic from your Google My Business product listings on a page that contains information and click-pathing built to assist the widest swath of potential shoppers and watch conversion rates skyrocket. 

Interested in learning more? You can contact MXS Solutions at (866) 665-4669 or for sales inquiries:

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