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October 10, 2018

How Social Media and Your Dealership Go Hand-In-Hand

When it comes to operating a business, dealerships have some of the busiest days. With meeting sales goals, preparing budgets, creating marketing strategies, and managing an entire dealership team, sometimes social media takes a back seat. For the dealerships that see social media as a secondary effort, Friendemic says “you’re missing out on an extremely powerful investment and resource for your business.” The dealerships that use social media to grow awareness and sell more cars are seeing the results, and when it comes to the pros and cons of social media, the benefits unquestionably outweigh the effort. Here are all the ways your dealership can use social media to your advantage.



Social media can sharpen your target audience.

Astonishingly, the average U.S. consumer will spend nearly two hours (approximately 116 minutes) on social media every day*, and with most social media platforms having an extremely accurate understanding of their demographic, dealerships can quickly get a better perception of who their audience is and how to better serve ads.



Engage with customers before they become customers.

When dealerships have a presence on social media that draws engagement, they are creating relationships with people and potential customers. With a solid content strategy, dealerships can engage with their audience and become the first thought when a shopper is ready to make a purchase.



Get your message out to the world.

Today’s market of consumers want to know your story – if a dealership is family-owned and operated, customers want to know that and support their local dealership. By putting the right mixture of personal stories and industry news on social media its possible to turn potential customers into guaranteed customers and lifelong buyers.



Get real with your audience.

With every dealership fighting for the same customers, social media allows dealerships to set themselves apart by being authentic with customers and adding personality to its content. People are often drawn to the sincere businesses that share relatable content.



Leads equal sales.

Facebook ads have persuasive potential, and if dealerships aren’t using that data and knowledge to their advantage, then they’re missing out on valuable sales. Facebook allows dealerships to target customers, collect data for leads, and can drive more awareness drive more awareness to your brand.



Customers want to know what dealerships have to offer them.

With Dynamic Product Ads, dealerships can use Facebook advertisements to show customers their updated inventory. If customers have previously expressed interest in specific vehicles, Dynamic Product Ads can serve ads for those vehicles to the customers.

When it comes to social media, you either use it to your advantage, or you’re losing valuable customers. In a world of open market advertising and competitive dealerships, it’s important to think about how social media can showcase your dealership’s personality. With so many ways for dealerships to benefit, it’s now more important than ever to get noticed on every social platform and to not miss out on customers.


Social Drive by Friendemic is an evolutionary new social advertising platform that uses dynamic content and audiences to find the right people and deliver the most effective message – all for a flat-rate ad management fee that’s much lower than most competitors.



Learn more about Social Drive and the ways to use social media for your dealership by contacting us at


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