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November 2, 2020

4 and 5 Star Dealer Reviews Have Accelerated In Last Two Years

SALT LAKE CITY – UT – November 3, 2020 – Friendemic, providers of the only online
reputation solution built specifically for the needs of the automotive industry recently shared that it is seeing a growing trend in positive reviews of franchise car dealerships over the past two
and a half years. 

Friendemic analyzed over 4.2 million franchise dealer review records from January of 2017 through August of 2019 and found that the number of reviews over 4 stars has grown as a percentage of all reviews. The data shows that since 2017, positive reviews have grown while negative reviews have dropped below 13% of total reviews. Friendemic recently posted their findings in a blog post, “Do Consumers Really Dislike the Dealership Experience?” 

“We continuously see dealers make great strides in their efforts to deliver a better customer experience, and many use software and managed services to help in that journey,” said Denise Chudy, Friendemic Chief Growth Officer. “General media often treat dealers as questionable in their intentions, with one recent ad campaign even describing the dealership experience as a circus of clowns. We, Friendemic, disagree with those stereotypes and these study findings show dealers are using feedback from reviews to greatly improve their customer interactions.”

Friendemic provides the most comprehensive reputation and social product set in the automotive industry, weaving together tools to monitor and build online reviews, deliver one-to-one videos to today’s distance shopper, and seamlessly collect, approve, and publish social media content. With more than 60% of customers using dealership reviews to determine which dealership will get their business, Friendemic’s reputation tools not only help dealers solicit and respond to reviews, but also bring additional shoppers into dealership doors. 

“As dealers, we work hard to defy the stereotypes put upon us and truly deliver a first-rate experience to our guests. We’ve become better at using tools that help us monitor and respond to feedback from reviews, like Friendemic, and look forward to continuing to move the needle for our customers” said Mark Olson, General Sales Manager, Findlay Kia. For more information on how Friendemic’s software solutions can help set your dealership apart in the digital landscape, please visit 


About Friendemic: 
Friendemic specializes in digital communication and reputation management tools for many of the world’s largest automotive brands, retail-level dealer groups, and individual dealerships. Friendemic software applications are developed exclusively for the automotive industry, with
specific applications to support a dealership’s one-to-one and one-to-all communication with car shoppers and owners. Friendemic’s intuitive mobile applications streamline and bolster communication between dealership personnel and consumers, while management dashboards provide transparency and access to communication shared within the applications.

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