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April 28, 2022

Being “Social” & “Engaging” Has A Whole New Meaning In 2022

The core roots of the words “social” and “engaging” both revolve around connection. Of course, the connection being referenced was probably one that was originally in-person. Now the words have taken on a whole new meaning in the ever changing digital era focused around online presence. With the growing popularity (and overall demand) of social media there are now more ways than ever to digitally connect with family, friends, prospects and customers. Keeping up and keeping track of your social accounts from a personal perspective can be overwhelming and doing from a corporate standpoint can just be a headache waiting to happen.

Social media across the world

We at Friendemic wanted to take a step back and really understand just for our dealer clients how to help streamline and simultaneously alleviate that stress that comes with managing multiple employees, departments and even rooftops' social media accounts. Based on our observations and the data that was revealed after our extensive analysis we are now pleased to present (and offer) our solution to your needs with our new Catalyst Publishing tool. Catalyst Publishing is the only social posting tool developed exclusively for powersports and automotive dealers.     

Catalyst Publishing can help you and your dealership: 

  • Publish to the top 8 social channels in one place (and in bulk)
  • Access your OEM’s branded content library so you (or we) can mix in additional content to your organic locally generated content 
  • Quickly launch campaigns that organize your scheduled postings 
  • Host a digital cloud based library to ensure you aren’t taking up storage on a mobile device or drive 
  • Edit files by compressing or cropping photos
  • Communicate and engage with consumers directly through comments and see the likes/shares that you receive in the realtime 
  • Have a birds eyes view of content being scheduled on a daily, monthly or even year basis View key metrics listed out by social channel on a universal dashboard platform by platform 
  • Boost posts with paid ads, or run paid campaigns that are not organically shared


Catalyst Publishing Overview

If you’re currently managing your dealership’s social media account(s) or you are managing the team of people who are responsible for creating and posting content on your dealership’s behalf think about how having a one stop-shop platform specifically designed for your automotive needs could benefit your entire staff and reduce the friction that comes with driving and maintaining connection with today’s customers and tomorrow’s buyers.

To learn more about Catalyst Publishing just click the link below and we’ll connect you with a publishing expert on our team at your earliest convenience. 





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