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May 24, 2017

Using Video Ignition

Video Ignition: YouTube Auto-Uploading & Private Videos

Our Video Ignition product features an automation that can change the way salespeople utilize YouTube and the digital world for converting leads.

With the latest version of the app, a user can shoot a private video that will automatically get uploaded to YouTube. The app then produces a link to this unlisted video from the YouTube account, allowing the Video Ignition user to share that video with whomever they choose!

There are a couple scenarios where this feature is particularly useful:

  1. A lead comes in so a salesperson shoots a video of the vehicles of interest with Video Ignition. Once the salesperson hits “Use Video” the automatic process begins of optimizing your video for YouTube, uploading it as an unlisted video to your channel, and preparing a custom link for you to share with your potential customer or social channels.

  2. New inventory comes into the lot and a video is captured for each specific model. Now the dealership has a video library for all their vehicles. This would make creating local, dealership-specific content a breeze for posting on a variety of social networks!

  3. A service technician is doing some routine maintenance, but finds a major problem in doing so. Instead of calling the customer to break the bad news, they can record a video, explain what happened, and send that to the customer to improve service drive transparency.

The whole process is very streamlined within the app, making it a simple and efficient marketing tool for dealerships. Simply record your video in the Video Ignition app, and once you hit “Use Video” the automatic process begins. The complete process happens virtually instantaneously!

Try it out, and let us know what you think!

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