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April 8, 2021

Go Local for the Win with Ads through GMB

As Google continues to evolve its lineup of products, it’s important that advertisers commit time to fully understand their capabilities. Google My Business has become the backbone for local search engine optimization, and with more users not clicking on any links in the results pages, your GMB listings now serve a role in delivering targeted ads in new placements. These ads comprise local campaigns.

Local campaigns — thanks to updates in capability, such as inventory feed integrations via Merchant Center — have become more commonplace in paid search strategies. Google has such confidence in their efficacy that local campaigns were highlighted in the Dealer Guidebook 2.5 edition. The best part is that once you’ve provided the required collateral, Google uses its machine learning to assemble hyper-local ads that best resonate with the consumer who conducted the search, which are optimized to drive foot traffic and local actions or phone calls.

So, that begs the question: What do I need to start a local campaign?

  • Verified GMB Linked to Google Ads
  • Minimum of 1 YouTube Video Link
  • Images (1200×1200 & 1200×628)

Those items are the basic requirements to launch your local campaigns. Now that you understand what you need, let’s dive a little deeper what distinguishes them.


New Ad Placements with Local Ads

Google Display Network. YouTube. 

Yes, ads are delivered across those properties in Google’s network. We, however, are talking about the role that Google My Business plays for these new ad placements. Your dealership’s ads will also be seen on Google Maps and on the Google My Business listing profile. 

So, for shoppers in your area who’ve conducted a non-branded category search for your vehicles and/or services… 

  1. On Google Maps, users can find the fastest way to get to the dealership because the ad will help highlight your location as the top destination.
  2. On the GMB profile, users can easily see the latest promoted offers and promotions or service specials at your dealership with the aim to compel them to do business with you.
  3. On Google Search Network, users’ attention will be directed to your advertisement at the top of the pack delivered upon their local search.

These new placements also herald an interesting approach to optimization. Local campaigns aren’t optimized by your standard search network mechanics; in other words, you won’t focus on analyzing search queries and keywords. To effectively optimize local campaigns, you’ll do so by analyzing and updating the content of the ad.

We’ve covered a lot of the “what” behind local campaigns, so let’s take a high-level look at why you should use this paid search strategy.


Performance Expectations

First, let’s issue this caveat. The success your dealership will yield from local campaigns will vary because your dealership’s circumstances are unique. You’re not going to have the same market, budget, and/or creative as other dealerships out there. 

Reunion’s partners who have entrusted us with this strategy have seen the following averages of metrics:

  • $4 – $6 Cost per Lead
  • $0.50 – $1.50 Cost per Click
  • 10,000 – 30,000 Interactions

These results have been achieved by looking at an average of dealerships who spend from the Reunion-recommended minimum monthly budget of $300 up to $1,000.

If you’d like to learn more about local campaigns, our team at Reunion Marketing would love to help your dealership have a better grasp of the capabilities and value of this strategy. Contact us today at or 919-999-8876.


Reunion Marketing is a data-powered, partner-driven digital marketing agency focused on achieving top-tier results for automotive dealerships. We specialize in improving dealers’ traffic and on-site behavior by executing proven strategies of the main pillars of digital marketing: SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, and Video Advertising. At Reunion, we abide by the notion that you deserve a partner who provides the results that drive more leads accompanied by an experience of unrivaled customer service.

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