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August 15, 2019

Friendemic Joins Oracle Elite Data Marketer Team

Friendemic is excited to announce our addition to the Oracle Data Cloud Elite Data Marketer program.

While Friendemic has been working with Oracle for several years, we are pleased to expand on how our two companies collaborate to drive better Facebook Ad results for our dealers. Friendemic uses Oracle data to refine how we target audiences to reach in-market prospects and loyal brand owners. Oracle Data Cloud also allows us to target ads more intelligently by defining specific consumer profiles and matching them with relevant ads.

Friendemic has achieved elite status by adhering to the following criteria:

  • Ongoing training to ensure agency account executives, product teams, and operations teams are knowledgeable about the multiple audience data sources and segmentation targeting
  • Engaging in continuous feedback and shared learning
  • Distributing co-branded marketing and customized materials to clients and prospects
  • Utilizing Oracle Data Cloud retail-focused audiences broadly across multiple data sources as well as custom audiences
  • Committing to quality audience data volume usage as a significant element of marketing strategy

For more information on Friendemic, and how we can use Oracle data to reach your best prospects, contact us at 801.415.9314 or

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