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Case Study: Using Friendemic’s Software Helps Increase Your Google My Business Actions


One dealership in Ravenna, Ohio was looking for a way to increase leads to their location while simultaneously growing the number of reviews they received on their Google page. This can be challenging for any team, especially when they don’t have all the right tools for growth. After contacting Friendemic and using our software tools for three months, the following results were obtained.

32.89% increase in Google My Business actions

After just three months of using Friendemic’s software, like our Reputation Accelerator tool and our Review Response Service, the dealership saw an increase of 1,235 more website clicks, click-to-calls, and direction searches to their dealership. These increases in actions directly correspond to an increase in website traffic, phone calls with your sales associates, and leads to your dealership.

Google Reviews display prominently in the Google My Business Sidebar, making them an important part of optimizing your Google presence. Soon after using Friendemic’s reputation software tools and managed services, they saw a dramatic increase in number of reviews and average review scores as well. The following data is from Nov. 2017-Feb. 2018.

New Google Reviews
Avg. Monthly Review Score
(before Friendemic)
Avg. Monthly Review Score



With no effort from you, Catalyst and Friendemic can help you start see more positive reviews leading to increased customer actions within 90 days. If you would like to see an increase in your website traffic and inquiry calls to your dealership, let Friendemic take your Google My Business presence to the next level by optimizing your profile, driving more reviews to your page, and increasing your visibility. Contact us today!

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