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July 18, 2018

Using Video Ignition Vs. Just Recording Videos on Your Phone

On average, people are only visiting 1.2 dealerships in person before purchasing a vehicle.* The question is then, how do you ensure your dealership makes the cut?

Our solution is simple: Communicate with customers the way they prefer, through their mobile devices.

Friendemic’s software tool, Video Ignition, provides dealers with an effective way to communicate with potential leads through text or email.  Dealerships have seen 30% higher conversion rates on internet leads coming in-store to test drive using Video Ignition. This app is easy to use and helps your sales team create personalized pressure-free videos for the best virtual shopping experience. While employees could just record videos on their personal phones, that could potentially lead to some big problems. Check out a few benefits of using Video Ignition to shoot customer videos below.



Quicker Customer Communication


Video Ignition is a tool for communicating quickly and professionally with potential customers and internet leads. The app allows you to record private, personalized high definition videos that you can upload to YouTube as an unlisted video. You can then share them directly with your customers via YouTube short links. This means way less video compression than sending the video file through a text. Your videos will look as good to the customer as when you recorded it yourself. Enticing prospects with personalized videos is a significant benefit; however, you can also use Video Ignition to shoot high def videos to use for social media and advertising for your own dealership.


Track App Usage


Video Ignition lets you see which personnel are using the app and which aren’t; something that you could not monitor if employees are shooting videos with just their camera phone. Personalized videos recorded for customers are saved in the Catalyst library, so managers can see what kinds of videos their employees are sending.


Quality Control


Have quality control over what is actually being seen by the public. If an employee only records a video on their phone and sends it out personally to a customer without using the app, management may never see what was sent. Also, all recorded videos can be stored in the app for usage later, making using the best videos for social or marketing purposes a breeze. With Video Ignition, you can more closely monitor what videos are being associated with your dealership.



The benefits of using Video Ignition are undeniable. If you think Video Ignition might useful to your dealership, there are a few things you can do:

Visit our Video Ignition product page for more information, or watch our short video below! Your next sale is only one video away; happy recording!


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