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January 28, 2022

Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram’s Google Review Success

Google Star Ratings Improved by using Friendemic: Increased Reviews, Ratings and Photos grow Google Searches

Separate Google Business Profiles for Sales, Service and Parts gets you in front of more of consumers shopping on Google

Located in Mineola Texas, Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram is part of the Toliver Auto Group and is focused on creating an all around enjoyable car buying and ownership experience. Toliver CDJR has both a capable and accomplished sales team dedicated to pleasing customers’ needs, as well as a highly skilled service and parts department trained to make sure their customers’ vehicles are in road-ready shape. 

Knowing how important Google reviews are for consumers making buying and repair decisions for their vehicles, Toliver CDJR enlisted the help of Friendemic to focus on enhancing their Google Business Profiles. Together we devised a strategy for growing reviews and star rating as a means to increase search volume.  Toliver CDJR understands that more Google searches  turn into more website traffic, phone calls and direction requests.

Friendemic’s Solution

Using Friendemic’s Reputation Accelerator software, we were able to parse Toliver’s sales and service reviews so that they appear on the relevant Google Business Profiles. The Friendemoc review invite process also allowed for any possible unhappy customers to share their experiences directly with the dealership for fast resolution. With email alerts when feedback or negative reviews are shared by customers, Toliver is able to quickly address any issue and resolve it to the customer’s satisfaction.

Before starting the reputation process, Friendemic enhanced the three GBPs (sales, service and parts) with specific photos, products and posts to promote the offerings of the three distinct departments. We also ensured that all Profile links, phone numbers and categories were specific to each Sales, Service and Parts Profile.

Brent Toliver Quote

The first proof point of success happened when Google began indexing and featuring service reviews in Toliver CDJR’s service GBP:

Toliver CDJR's Service GPB
Graphic 1: Review snippets from the Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Service Profile 

Next, we were delighted to see star ratings grow for both sales and service. 

Google Business Profile Prior to July 2021 After July 2021
Sales Profile 4.2 Stars 4.9 Stars
Service Profile No Reviews 4.9 Stars
Graphic 2: Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Google star rating before and after working with Friendemic to advance its Google Business Profiles

More Photo Views

In addition to growing star ratings and enabling Toliver CDJR’s service Profile to appear on more search results, the jump in consumer views of Toliver’s photos was massive! When Toliver CDJR added photos to showcase all three Google Business Profiles in June and July, the dealership’s online visibility soared:

Toliver CDRJ's 2021 search results
Graphic 3: Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Google number of photos and consumer views of those photos before and after working with Friendemic to advance its Google Business Profiles


Toliver’s Competitive Advantage

Having a focused Google reputation strategy and using Friendemic’s suite of products and resources has helped Toliver surpass the star ratings of their competitors. Not only do the competitors not have Google Profiles for sales or service, but the Toliver CDJR main profile for sales now boasts an all time star rating that is 0.2 points higher than the two closest competitors!

Toliver CDJR's optimized GBP
Graphic 4: Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram’s Google Business Profile for Service

If you are interested in improving your online presence and Google star rating, as well as generating more positive reviews, click the button below and book an appointment with one of our GBP experts. 





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