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August 18, 2022

How to create connections with your customers from behind a screen

In today’s remote accustomed world consumers don’t just want but expect video to be a part of their shopping journey; the automotive industry being no exception. Buying a car is often the second largest purchase a person makes, after a home and similarly to how you can take virtual tours, see 360 views of rooms or connect with a real estate agent over facetime, dealerships are now being challenged to adopt the same types of interactions and methods of communication.  

Although the pandemic may have forced some dealerships into making these changes quickly and “on the fly” this is now a great time to hone in, amplify and streamline those practices into your everyday routine. Even with the world slowly resuming its in-person foot traffic, there is no lack of demand for video content. In fact, Cisco has predicted that in 2022, 82% of all global internet traffic would come from video. 

girls on their phone

With video being at the forefront of desired content, a tactic to interact 1:1 and a tangible way to track buyer interest, let's review a few simple ways to quickly start incorporating video into your dealership’s overall digital sales and service strategy. 

#1 Digital Handshake: Introductions 

One of the most successful types of videos dealers can take are introductions videos. Sending a custom follow-up video to a lead instantly creates that personal connection between you and the shopper. The dealership is no longer just a place, they now have a main point of contact and know who they could be doing business with directly (it’s like walking into a party, but being assured you know at least one person in the room). Take the time to include their name, follow up directly regarding what they inquired on and of course, add your contact information and the best way to get in back in touch with you. 

introduction video

#2 Take your VDP Pages from 1D to 3D

Walkaround videos are an easy way to make your VDP pages come to life. We understand stock images are great temporary placeholders as you're getting the custom photos uploaded. However, don’t miss the opportunity to share a walkaround video of the exterior and interior of a vehicle you have on lot with an interested customer. In the video, go through the listed features, upgrades and a few reasons why it could be the perfect car for them. This is especially important for used cars - set realistic expectations for the consumer right away. This helps build the customer's confidence in the idea of purchase; no one wants to find out about paint damage or scratches right before they are going to write a check. 

walk around car video

#3 Service Repair Follow Up 

It’s just as crucial for the back of the house to utilize video as much as it is for the front of the house. Adding video to your ongoing communication stream with your customers while their car is being serviced can expedite the process for approvals and instill that needed trust required for the customer to continue to come back instead of opting for a Pep Boys the next time they need an oil change or windshield wiper replacement. 

car repair video

#4 BDC Correspondence 

Regardless of if you are working the showroom floor or service bay, if you interact with your potential customers you’ll want to start including video in your exchanges - that also means your BDC department. First and foremost, ensure the staff's computers have cameras. Alternatively, they can take videos on the phone and send them to prospects and customers via email. Again, this quickly helps solidify the relationship between the dealership and the consumer. In addition to showing yourself on screen, think about sharing your desktop screen and walk the customer through any of the details on the website they may have questions about. We find going through the process of trade-ins or using a finance calculator can be very helpful to see from the BDC’s perspective. 

bdc department

At the end of the day, the car business is a people business at its core and video is a way to bring that loved experience into the 21st century. 

If your dealership is looking for a platform to grow their dealership’s video creation, learn best practices and have a way to track ROI check out our Catalyst Video App. It’s simple to use, quick to learn and takes the hassle out of editing - oh and did we mention unlimited videos, unlimited users and cloud storage are included? To learn more and get connected with one of our experts just click the link below. 



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