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February 27, 2019

Friendemic Adds Over 50 Years of Expertise to their CSR Team

Client success is a critical part of any organization, and effective communication is paramount. These days partners are pushing for more automation via emails, chat services, and offshore interaction. We at Friendemic feel that if you’re going to cultivate and develop a true partnership, you must have more “Dealer People.” As a result, we’ve worked to step up our game and include more automotive industry background members, with laser-focus on communication and relationship building. Friendemic has recently added five new automotive experts to their Client Success team totaling 56 years in the industry. We’re proud of the additions to our team and want to share their stories with you!



Rich Zambrano (Vice President of Client Success)

14+ years in automotive




Rich has been working with automotive clients and software companies for over 14 years. He has held multiple leadership positions within such companies as CDK, Red Bumper, Ristken, and American AutoXchange. Rich’s background consists of creating, developing, and managing teams in providing client solutions for automotive dealers and further building long term relationships with clients across the US.


As Vice President of Client Success, Rich ensures that clients are receiving proper support for success while optimizing services, processes, and procedures.


John Hosier (Director of Enterprise Accounts)

10+ years in automotive




John has been in the auto industry for over 10 years. He started working at ADP (now CDK) installing DMS and CRM servers for clients like Group 1 and Larry Miller. He then moved on to managing the install and support teams in the inventory management and marketing space. John is versed in the install, support, and management of both small and large clients from DMS to CRM to Equity and Marketing.


John is now managing the high-level relationships with Friendemic’s Enterprise and OEM accounts. John’s goal is to foster the relationships already created and be a proactive partner for the OEMs as Director of Enterprise Accounts.


Jerauld Brown (Sr. Client Success Rep)

15+ years in automotive




Jerauld has 15+ years in dealership experience ranging from advisor to fixed ops manager at one of the largest luxury groups in the country. Then Jerauld moved on to be a CSR overseeing 60+ accounts in the southwest region for the auto industry leader in vehicle tracking and recognition software. In both positions, Jerauld worked directly with dealerships and OEM’s of all brands ranging from Toyota to Bugatti.


Jerauld is now a Senior Client Success Representative with Friendemic over-seeing over 160 dealerships for a major auto group. And bonus points for Jerauld because he has gotten to train with F1 drivers at Laguna Seca and Road Atlanta!


Daniel Long (Client Success Rep)

12+ years in automotive




Daniel has been in the auto industry since 2007.  Daniel’s expertise is at the dealership level (in the weeds, as Daniel refers to it) which allows him to see how the implementation of Friendemic’s tools or products work to provide the greatest amount of success for the dealership.  Daniel’s understanding of the inner workings of the dealership’s day-to-day processes allows for better communication with Friendemic’s automotive clients.


Daniel is now a Client Success Representative with Friendemic working day-to-day making sure his dealerships are utilizing Friendemic’s software and services to increase sales at their store.


Tiffany McNeil (Client Success Rep)

5+ years in automotive




Tiffany started in the auto industry in 2014 as a BDC agent for four dealerships in a larger automotive group. She later moved into a management training position. For the past two years, she was training and assisting in managing a multi-dealership BDC as well as training salespeople from four dealerships (three automotive and one motorsports) in the dealer group’s CRM.


Tiffany is now a Client Success Representative at Friendemic working with dealerships on how to effectively use Friendemic’s software and services to maximize results.


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