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June 14, 2018

All the Ways to Use Catalyst Video

Using Video Ignition is a great solution for today’s dealership team. Customers are increasingly using video and video apps to communicate, and it’s important to meet them on their preferred ground. This tool has allowed dealerships to improve transparency and get the message across to customers in a more direct way. We also see dealerships use Video Ignition in other ways that are creative, helpful, and powerful for their business.

Here’s a list of all the ways dealership teams are using Video Ignition to increase sales, improve service, and train their internal teams.


1. Specific Interest

More often than not a customer enters your dealership with a specific car in mind, and that’s because customers are researching more than ever before stepping foot in a dealership. If a customer already has the make and model of the vehicle in mind, a salesperson’s goal switches to upselling the best features of the car in which the customer is already interested. With Video Ignition, the sales team is ready to record and send a private video of the exact car a customer is interested in while showing off all the perks and benefits.


2. Welcoming Video

Let’s be honest, buying a car is a major purchase for anyone (especially for first-time car buyers). Buying a car is likely the biggest purchase for someone besides purchasing a house, so it’s important for customers to feel comfortable and confident in their buying decision. With Video Ignition, a dealership can easily create and send a welcoming video that presents a friendly face your customer can look forward to working with. Before a customer even becomes a customer, they feel welcomed and know exactly who they are purchasing their vehicle from.


3. Congratulations On Your Purchase!

The best way to have a customer for life is often in the details of their experience. After a customer has made their final decision and bought the car of their dreams, it’s important for the dealership to continue to reassure their decision and remind them that they had a great experience because of your dealership team. With Video Ignition, dealerships can send personalized “Congrats on your purchase” videos that your customers will love receiving – adding to the fact that your dealership was an excellent choice and who they will return to for their next purchase.


4. Vehicle Maintenance

Sadly, we live in an era where service departments are seen as costly, untrustworthy, and difficult to work with. It can be frustrating to have a perceived bad rep just because of someone else’s inferior service. With Video Ignition, not only can dealerships put a friendly face to who’s working on a customer’s vehicle, but the techs can improve transparency between team and customer by shooting diagnostic videos explaining where the problem is.


5. Service Recommendations

Regular service is an important part of any car’s health, but it can also be the most expensive part for customers. Often when a customer hears they need to have something fixed, they may question how bad it really is or if they can continue driving with the problem. With Video Ignition, the service team can send private videos of the air filter, the tire tread, and more to help the customer see how bad the problem really is and understand why they need it fixed today.


6. Excellent Service

One of the best ways to build trust between the service department and the customer is to show how they treat a customer’s car before and after it has been serviced. With Video Ignition, the service team can quickly send a video before, during, and after the customer’s service appointment letting them know everything was taken care of expertly.


7. Employee Training

For most dealerships, there’s a sales team, a service team, and an internal team. With all these teams working together, it can be challenging to get everyone on the same message and to make sure everyone gets the training they need to succeed. Some may suggest a training software, but often those can be expensive and can take the personal touch out of your dealership. With Video Ignition, managers can record training material and assign it to new employees to easily watch and effortlessly learn what makes your dealership great.


8. Tips From The Best

For any salesperson, there is always room for improvement and ways to create better strategies for selling to customers. It’s important for any sales team to relate to their customers, but usually, that’s a skill acquired from watching the experts. With Video Ignition, the top sales members can simply record tips and tricks that helped them succeed with customers and can even assign it to new hires for review before they hit the sales floor.


9. Team Announcements

Just like any family, in a dealership family, there are birthdays, celebrations, holiday parties, and announcements worth sharing. With Video Ignition, you can easily get messages across to your dealership family by recording and sending instantly to each department. It’s time to bring your dealership into the 21st century.

When Friendemic started creating the Video Ignition product, the goal was to create a way for dealerships to reach their customers in a unique way, while differentiating themselves from their competition. Now we are seeing dealerships and dealership teams using Video Ignition to reach more customers than ever before, create a professional service drive team, and provide communication for the entire internal team. Let Video Ignition take your dealership to the next level as quickly as it takes to record and send. Request a demo today!


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