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Conversica, a Sales AI Assistant software firm, recently hosted a webinar on lead follow-up. The entire webinar can be seen here: Lead Generation Follow-Up Webinar. At Friendemic, we believe in the power of sharing best practices with our clients and encouraging them to follow and act on what leaders in their industry are doing. That’s why we want to outline a key takeaway from this webinar for you today!

The Stats

Conversica discusses the results of their in-depth research on lead follow-up efforts and how much business is lost due to impersonal follow-up, or a lack of follow-up in general. In a previous study, it was revealed that highly personalized email messages dramatically improve deliverability and, ultimately, click-through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

The Tip

First and foremost, pay close attention to personalization. The webinar dives into how sharing personalized emails can improve lead response. They add that timeliness, continued follow-up, and closing with the customer, can increase lead follow-through on the consumer end and increase retention for your business. 

How Does Friendemic Apply:

Conversica talks about the importance of personalized emails and how you can use AI software to tailor your communication to the client. At Friendemic, we would say you need to go one step further. Harness the power of video. Creating a custom video to respond to a lead will feel so much more personal than any text you can type.

Creating a personal walk-around video also creates a better user experience for the consumer.  For all the digital leads you receive from prospective new car buyers, the goal is to get them to come into the dealership.  Showing 10-15 photos of a vehicle cannot portray the features of a vehicle in the same way you can with video, especially with the added benefit of audio, where you can highlight all of the features in a way you could never accomplish with photos alone.

Utilizing 1:1 Marketing with personalized videos can dramatically increase lead response in your dealership, and walk-around videos are just one way you can use video.  Friendemic’s Video Ignition mobile app allows unlimited users at the dealership to shoot unlimited HD videos and share with prospective customers. If you have questions on how you can integrate video in your dealership, email