What Our Clients are Saying About Social Drive Platform

“I am in love with the Friendemic ad solution! All that Oracle data….”


–Scott T., Marketing Manager Tansky Sawmill Toyota

“The Oracle data is crazy. There is everything in there and makes it possible to find the hungry audience. Also, our cost per click is below the average on almost every campaign we’ve run so far. The whole product is awesome! The catalogs are great. It makes it very easy to run multiple campaigns for different kinds of cars, and do it very specifically.”


–Blake D., Bravo CDJR Dealership

Stop Overpaying for

Under-Performing Ads.

Build better social ads. Sell More Cars. Sounds simple, right? We think so! Friendemic’s revolutionary new social advertising platform uses dynamic content and audiences to find the right people and deliver the most effective message, all for a software platform fee far below paying someone else management fees to run your ads. You get to call the shots. Explore our Social Drive Platform offerings below.

What Advertising Capabilities Come With Social Drive?

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Additional Details
You can manage unlimited ad campaigns from an ads account inside the Friendemic Facebook Business Manager.
You will need to import historical ads data if desired.
A credit card is required for your Facebook spend and any Oracle data charges.
Initial launch call and unlimited email support.

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