Reputation Scorecards

Monitor Reputation at the Ground Level

Make it easy for dealerships and groups to understand their performance on a monthly basis.

Take Steps to Improve

The Dealer Scorecard is designed to keep you informed on how you’re currently being viewed online, and what steps to take to boost your reputation.

Get Everyone on Board

Make sure everyone is on the same page with respect to the dealership’s performance. Controls and preferences allow you to share with your entire dealership, or just a few members of the team.

The Process

When Will My Dealership Receive a Scorecard?

Scorecards are generated monthly for each dealership and are available on or around the seventh of each month for the previous month.

(Note: Scorecards act like a report card and represent a dealership’s online reputation performance for the same time period for all dealerships nationwide).

How Do I Subscribe to Receive My Scorecard?

If you have subscribed, your monthly scorecard will automatically be sent via email each month. You can subscribe yourself or anyone on your team by clicking on a link available in the email or on the actual scorecard itself. Your FCA Rep can also help you subscribe as well as access and share all past scorecards.

If you are not sure if you are subscribed, there is a link in the scorecard email as well as available within the scorecard itself that allows you to view all subscribers for your specific dealership.

How is my Scorecard Grade Calculated?

Your score is based on 5 main criteria:

  • Having profiles on the key pages
  • Having lots of reviews
  • Having recent reviews
  • Receiving good scores on your reviews
  • Responding to your reviews

*Each of the criteria above is also weighted by dealership size and sales volume.

Can I Improve My Score?

Critically, scorecards will also include personalized recommendations for each dealership on how to improve. Scorecards help dealerships identify simple actions to take to improve their online reputation and improve their future score.

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