Do you have 60 seconds to improve your reputation?

84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. See what all the hype is about with our new product Reputation Accelerator, and learn how easy it is to increase your review count, improve your online ratings, and manage multiple review sites all in one place.
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Reputation Accelerator

Text & Email Invites

There are three ways to invite your customer to leave a review: at the point-of sale using the Catalyst mobile app, using data integration to automate the invites at a later time, and using our bulk upload to send invites to multiple customers at once.

Review Alerts

Get alerts whenever you receive a new review or feedback on any of the major review sites. Reputation Accelerator monitors all sites hourly, keeping you informed.

Detailed Metrics

Easily see what review sites need more attention, app usage, trends and more. Get quick insights with our Reputation Snapshot to always know where you stand.


Built-in leaderboards allow you to incentivize and motivate your team, and get everyone in the dealership involved. See who on your team is engaging with customers and who is falling behind.
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Put Your Reputation in the Fast Lane

Improve Your Ratings

Bolster your online reputation by making it easy and convenient for happy customers to leave reviews right after the point-of-sale on their own devices. Unhappy customers are encouraged to give feedback through a more direct and private channel.

Multi-Site Management

People are leaving reviews on all different websites. Reputation Accelerator monitors all major review sites hourly, and sends alerts for any new reviews found or feedback received. With all your reviews organized in one place, it’s easy to stay on top of the response process.

Get Your Whole Team Onboard

Leaderboards let you see which salespeople are sending review invites to customers. Create a competitive environment and maintain accountability with your entire team. Make reviews a part of the new customer experience!

As Easy as 1-2-3: The Invite Process

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  • Text the Review Invite

    After permission is granted from the customer, easily text them a review invite link directly after point-of-sale to finish the new customer experience cycle. Custom text graphics are available!

  • Would You Recommend Us?

    Customer is prompted if they would recommend the business or not. If they select “Yes, I would”, they are then taken to a network selection page. If they select “No, thank you”, they are taken to a private feedback collection channel instead of a public review site.

  • Select Review Network

    If the customer selects “Yes, I would” they are then prompted to choose which review site they would like to leave a review on. These options are customizable as well, so you can focus on the networks you care about most.

  • Leave A Review

    After selecting which review network they would like to leave a review on, they are taken to the site and asked to leave their review! Simple, quick, and effective for getting your dealership more positive reviews.

  • Leave Private Feedback

    If the customer selects “No, thank you” on the “Would You Recommend Us?” screen, they are taken to a page where they can leave private feedback that is directly sent to the dealership through the Reputation Accelerator dashboard. This helps curb the number of unhappy customers leaving negative reviews and gives you a chance to follow up with them.

All for just $299 per month.

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