Jason Barber

Founder + CRO

Jason is a Pirate (high school mascot). He has been an entrepreneur since way too young of an age to be good for him. He started his first company in college at the age of 21. It was a massive success and an even bigger failure, but he learned a lot. Since then he has started a handful of other companies with varying levels of success. But, they’ve all shaped who he is today, or at least that’s what he tells himself. He is currently the President and Founder at Friendemic. He was born and raised on the Oregon coast in the beautiful city of Coos Bay. Huge Ducks fan. He loves sushi, ice cream, swimming, Dexter, NBA basketball, and movies. He has 3 kids and one wife. They are all awesome.

Steve Pearson


Steve is the business guy. He’s not a clever master of the English language like most other Friendemic employees, so sorry his bio isn’t as fun to read and his picture looks so dorky. But his previous work experience at Google, Vector Capital, and McKinsey&Company (and an MBA from Harvard) makes him adept at keeping all the wheels on as Friendemic multiplies its size and its clients’ businesses at rabbit-like speed. P.S. Yes, he did climb Mt. Everest. Really.