A Brief History of Friendemic

Friendemic specializes in online reputation tools for many of the world’s largest automotive brands, retail-level dealer groups, individual dealerships, and retail businesses nationwide. Our tools and platforms have continued to evolve over the years into the launch of the Catalyst Suite, a group of online reputation products.

To support our clients in reputation management, we offer an online reviews management service with a dedicated team monitoring and responding 365 days a year.  On the advertising side, we provide a powerful social advertising platform called Social Drive.


Friendemic and GoFanbase were founded in 2010 and 2007 respectively. We merged our two companies in 2017 to become what Friendemic is today taking our combined 17 years of experience with us.  This makes us the wise Grandparents in the social media and online reputation family. And just like your favorite Grandparents, we spoil our customers with the sweetest software tools on the market – helping our clients achieve their business goals. We’ve teamed-up with thousands of businesses over the years to craft ourselves as the forefront leaders in online reputation and social media marketing software services. As the importance of online reviews continues to grow, we’ve refocused our efforts towards reputation software tools and support services that prove to the rest of the world just how good we are at what we do.


By building relationships and providing solutions for businesses, we’ve developed an understanding of their needs with online reputation and social media management. Our tools and software platforms have continued to evolve with our customer’s needs into a well-rounded group of tech-enabled services you can trust to grow your brand and credibility.

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