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Friendemic Is Now Part Of Kenect


Digital Connection Tools for Automotive and Powersport Dealers

Friendemic provides communication tools for dealerships to grow new and existing relationships in today's digital world. Effective, easy to use products for personal communication between your dealership personnel and customers, as well communication solutions across review and social sites. 

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Centralize Your Services

Control The Conversation

Instead of siloing your solutions by working with multiple vendors, Friendemic is a singular software solution that provides one-to-one and one-to-all communication capabilities for dealerships. We’re all-encompassing, and wrap up our suite of products into one solution.

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Drive Buyer Conversions

Buyer behavior and decision-making are hard enough to track and even harder to control. By harnessing the power of previous positive customer experiences, we increase customer retention and grow new customers for dealerships.

Create Successful Profiles
Set Yourself Apart

In today’s digital landscape, it’s easy to blend in and confuse customers on how to get the next step of their decision-making process with you. Our digital communication tools reinforce and grow your online connections.

Why Reputation Management?
Enable Strong Connections

Providing access to your staff via text, chat and email for feedback and questions, and making it easy to find and inquire about information on your products and services when they are on reputation and social sites is crucial for the dealership of today.

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All-encompassing software for your unique needs

We provide dealerships with easy-to-use tools to help make digital connections before, during and after the consumer shopping process.

Our applications allow you to:

  • Grow reviews, star ratings and respond to reviews and social feedback

  • Showcase your best customer stories with social posting tools

  • Send personal videos to help the consumer make a decision 


Discover Our Solutions
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Fast lane innovation

From leveraging the most powerful new technology to keeping up with best practices, we’re always advancing our offerings to create solutions for all the new problems dealerships are facing. Digital culture changes fast, so leading the way with solutions for whatever changes may come your way. Regardless of what happens, our software advances will ensure you’ll be ready for it.

Why Reputation Management?

Friendemic Gets It Done

Friendemic has over a decade of experience in providing digital communication products and reputation management insights for dealerships and OEMs.

more than 2160 dealer customers
90 5 Star Reviews on Google
1900 + reputation scorecards viewed a month
publishing over 20500 dealer posts on social a month
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Help When You Need It

From our customer success representatives that ensure your team is trained on our tools and profitable outcomes are achieved, to our response team members who can communicate with consumers on behalf of your dealership, Friendemic is here to help you succeed in a digital world. 

Grow Your Business With Unmatched Digital Communication Tools

Solutions for successful outcomes for dealership sales and service departments

Catalyst Reputation

Review generation and management software built exclusively for automotive and powersports dealers. Real Time Invites, DMS integration and review parsing for sales and service are just a few of the key features. 

Learn More About Catalyst Reputation
Catalyst Photo

Our easy to use app enables your dealership personnel to capture photos and testimonials, and store in a secure library for social posting and Google Business Profile photo updates.

Learn More About Catalyst Photo
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Catalyst Publishing Promoting your dealership happenings, offers and testimonials across your social channels is fast and easy with Catalyst Publishing. Includes posting on your dealership Google Business Profiles.  Learn More About Catalyst Publishing
Catalyst Video

Send personal video walkarounds and service updates with Catalyst Video. The mobile app is a winner for your sales and service teams, while the desktop app is essential for your BDC. Unlimited videos and unlimited users. 

Learn More About Catalyst Video
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Platform Management Services Allow us to share our experience and expertise with you and your team to develop your online reputation. Whether you need help responding to your reviews, posting social content or managing your Google Business Profile, we’re here to help. Learn More About Management Services
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Social Ads DIY

Build better social ads and sell more vehicles with social ads DIY. Friendemic’s revolutionary social advertising platform uses dynamic inventory and audiences to find the right people and deliver the most effective message.

Learn More About Social Ads DIY

Friendemic is My Trusted Partner

"We use Friendemic's full platform to successfully drive SEO and reputation for all of our dealerships."

Wesley Miller-Smith | Director of Digital Marketing at Serra

"While we were excited to see our star ratings improve and gain visibility on Google, we were most encouraged by our ability to surpass the star ratings of our competition. We know we are the local favorite, and are finally able to help our customers share why they are loyal to us with more Google reviews."

Brent Toliver | Managing Partner at Toliver Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

"We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly positive reviews for both our sales and service teams flowed into our Google Business Profiles."

April Simmons | Corporate Internet and Marketing Director at HORNE AUTO GROUP, LLC

Don’t Take the Backseat When Communicating with Consumers

Are you ready to grow your digital connections, enhance customer relationships and improve your bottom line? Connect with us to accelerate your customer engagement today.

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