Stop Overpaying for Under-Performing Ads.

Build better social ads. Sell More Cars.┬áSounds simple, right? We think so! Friendemic’s evolutionary new social advertising platform uses dynamic content and audiences to find the right people and deliver the most effective message, all for a flat-rate ad management that’s much lower than most competitors. Explore our Social Drive platform offerings below.

Social Drive manages the cost associated with Oracle for you automatically to ensure you’re not charged more than your spend. When using Oracle data, Social Drive reduces your spend by no more than 15% to cover data costs.

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Make Your Social Ads Smarter

Dynamic Product Ads

Social Drive updates your vehicles and pricing each day and dynamically creates relevant ads for each individual customer using dynamic audiences, giving you 100% automated inventory advertising.

Dynamic Re-Targeting

We build out intuitive audiences that are currently in your purchasing funnel by targeting people who have browsed VDPs on your website or expressed interest in similar vehicles.

Lead Generation/Service Ads

Reach customers who have visited your website or reacted to prior advertisements.

Facebook Marketplace Listings

Showcase your entire used inventory through our automated solution. Our software takes your VDPs and lists them directly into the marketplace and updates daily.

Dynamic Ads Vs. Static Ads

A Friendemic client spent $1,300 through Facebook on a dynamic ad featuring copy related to a sales event. They simultaneously had a static imagery ad running for $1,700 about the same event. After running both of these campaigns for a month, when compared to the static ads, the dynamic ad received the following improved metrics:


More Link Clicks


Lower Cost Per Click

Over 2X

Higher Click Through Rate

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